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    1. 四川嘉逸股份有限公司

      Sichuan Grand Royal Incorporated Co.,Ltd
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      Sichuan Grand Aviation Precision Parts Co., Ltd.
      • Sichuan Grand Aviation Precision Parts Co., Ltd. belongs to Sichuan Grand Royal Incorporated Co.,Ltd. Founded in June 2013, passed the TS16949 certification in 2014. With modern office and factory more than 6000 square meters, the registered capital of 12 million yuan, the annual output value of about 100 million yuan. Existing staff of more than 100 people, with dozens of companies have long-term strategic cooperative relations.

          Company currently has 7 sets of cold chamber die casting machine, 180 t, 300 t, 400 t, 650 t, 1000 t, 1300 t, 1600 t, are equipped with automatic spray machine, pick-up, give a soup machine, conveyor belt and other automatic control system; Processing center four DV850 department; Testing equipment: three coordinates, spectrum analyzer, racing to analysis, etc. In 2016 the company to increase productivity, plans to add 400 t, 600 t, 1250 t equipment. Have the production of 6000-8000 tons of aluminum alloy products. In order to guarantee product quality, pay attention to the quality system construction for a long time, the company strictly according to ISO9001 and TS16949 quality system management requirements, and strive to create a leading industry quality products recognized by consumers. Designed to provide consumers with the best products and services.

          Company products and major customers source:

        1.Auto parts:

        Main products: bearing box, rear shell, from the shell, back cover, control cover, etc.

        Major customers:Guang Qian Group, SAIC, DFLZ BAIC Yinxiang

        2.Motorcycle Accessories:

        The main products: left and right crankcase, the series box cover, etc

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